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VINco E3 Package

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Low-profile Package for Motion Control, Solar and UPS Applications by Vincotech

Featuring new SLC (SoLid Cover) technology in the industry-standard low-profile (62mm x 152mm x 17mm) package, Vincotech’s new VINco E3 package enables engineers to design mid-power inverters with higher output current, higher power density and improved reliability for industrial drives, power supplies, solar power, UPS and other applications.


  • Low-loss, Mitsubishi gen 7 or Trench IGBT4 chip technology
  • Extended module life-time
  • Industry-standard, low-profile package
  • Built-in NTC
  • Scalable product platform

Part Number Type Topology Voltage Current
A0-VP122PA300M7-L757F70T Press-fit Half-Bridge 1200 300
A0-VP122PA450M7-L758F70T Press-fit Half-Bridge 1200 450
A0-VP122PA600M7-L759F70T Press-fit Half-Bridge 1200 600
A0-VP122PA690M7-L750F70T Press-fit Half-Bridge 1200 690
A0-VS122PA300M7-L757F70 Solder Half-Bridge 1200 300
A0-VS122PA450M7-L758F70 Solder Half-Bridge 1200 450
A0-VS122PA600M7-L759F70 Solder Half-Bridge 1200 600
A0-VS122PA690M7-L750F70 Solder Half-Bridge 1200 690