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Wireless Components signs distribution agreement with Tagore Technology Inc.

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Wireless Components has signed a distribution agreement with Tagore Technology Inc.

Tagore Technology has developed disruptive semiconductor products for wireless applications. Our company continues to grow strongly across a range of key markets.

RF Switches

High Power RF switches typically use PIN diode circuits. Switches using PIN diodes have several disadvantages. Pin diode switches require a large bias voltage to handle high RF power. These circuits also require a large bias current to reduce the ON resistance of the PIN diode. Generation of a large voltage from lower battery voltage requires a boost circuit with many active and passive components. GaN switches are the new high performance alternative.

Antenna tuning and filter tuning devices require very low resistances and high voltage handling capable RF switches. Low ON resistance is necessary to increase Q and minimize loss of tuning circuit. High Q tuning circuits can experience very large voltages even at low transmit power. Our solution is ideal for Antenna Tuning, and Filter Tuning.

RF Power Transistors

Power Management

About Tagore Technology:

Tagore Technology is pioneering a new semiconductor process enabling high RF power at sensitive price points with integrated IC solutions from 10 MHz to 6 GHz. Markets include wireless infrastructure, TETRA/Land Mobile Radio, military and other wireless radios. Tagore offers a range of switches from 10W to 100W average powers that can also handle the peak powers (up to 480W) needed by high Peak to Average Ratios in modern modulation schemes. Fully integrated switches operate from 2.7V min to 5.25V max and do not require any external negative voltages or external passive components. All switches are provided in standard QFN packages. Tagore switches reduce board area and power consumption by 10X compared to traditional PIN diode switch solutions.

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About Wireless Components:

Wireless Components is a family owned business focused on RF & Wireless electronic component distribution. Expertise in a range of applications including Defence & Aerospace, Mobile networks, General Communications and Test and Measurement. With an extensive range of products based on technologies supporting including Gallium arsenide GaAs and Gallium Nitride (GaN). Browse our partners range of power amplifiers, amplifier modules, drivers, mixers, diodes, switches and saw filters from industry leading manufacturers QORVO, Greenray, ITF (Integrated Technology Future) and EMPOWER RF systems.

37 years of industry experience, a focus on supporting engineers through the design process means more globally competitive designs for our customers. With regular customer visits, new product email communication, sample support, choice of multiple products for similar performance underpins our focus to be part of the team and do our bit to support the Australasian electronics industry.