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Gate Driver Reference Design for General Purpose Drives, UPS & Solar Power

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General purpose base board for SCALE-iDriver™ SID1182K gate driver IC with booster stage. Suitable for IGBT power modules in various housings, up to 800 V DC-link voltage.
  • Suitable for IGBT power modules in various housings
  • Basic Active Clamping
  • Short-circuit detection with Advanced Soft Shut Down (ASSD)
  • External booster stage
  • Electrical command inputs and status outputs
  • 0V/5V command input logic
  • 0V/5V status output logic
  • Minimum pulse suppression
  • 5V supply voltage
  • Single PCB solution with soldered-in gate driver IC


  • General purpose drives
  • UPS
  • Solar Power

RDHP 1526 layout example

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